Stone Chokhat

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Basic sizes of stone chokhat

• 4 inch x 2.5 inch
• 4 inch x 3.0 inch
• 5 inch x 2.5 inch
• 10inch x2.0 inch
• Custom size is available

Available colour for stone chokhat

• White
• Red

Where I should use stone chokhat

• Doors
• Windows
• Ventilator frame

What is age of stone chokhat

• More than 100 year

Advantages of stone chokhat

• No affected by termite ( dimak ) and insects
• No effect of temperature, heat and Sun
• Durable excepted life 100 year
• No effect of water, moisture and rain
• No need of paint and polish
• New and attractive plain and grain look
• Also available in all finish of stone and even it could be painted.
• No maintain of stone door frames
• Cheap in price comparison to Iron & Wood
• Never twist and bend frame
• No problem of rusting in stone door frame.